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Prodex-hk Global Limited
Unit 608, 6th Floor, Shun Fat Industrial Building, No. 17, Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, HONG KONG

Phone:  (852) 3586 1555           Fax: (852) 3586 1557          e-mail: 


We manufacture (joint-venture) and sourced very selectively from domestic suppliers who have surpassed our rigorous quality expectations. We hand-pick these sourced vendors, determine their value products, and establish relationships with their satellite factories. Whether manufactured by us or inventoried from a preferred supplier, you can be sure that we are closely monitoring all quality and packaging standards

 A Good Working Partner: - We passionate and care about our products and our reputation. We pour creativity, teamwork and enthusiasm into each new project development that we create, to guarantee that consumers come back again and again to your stores and characters that they like.

Designs of Products: - You can count on us. Product safety is a must. We have a good team of designers with good and innovative concepts for our products continually. Besides, we have good working relationships with other design companies both in local and overseas.

Engineering: - We grow each new idea from the smallest spark of inspiration into a fully developed series concept with plotted scale lines. Working with different clients, we have been able to bring to life some of the world’s best-selling Electronic Bathroom Scales, Body Fat Monitors, Digital Kitchen Scales and Electronic Portable Scales.

Concept to Completion - Fast Custom Jobs: - Our production floor has over three custom jobs running, each one evolved and developed from our customer's own creativity and product criteria. Our model making department pushes out unique custom developed samples and prototypes in days - not weeks.

Pricing: - We believe in high quality and low price products, without giving up the quality of the products. We keep our production cost and profit margin low to keep up with the market and the winning edge.

Environment Friendly: - Save the earth. We take pride on our Green Technology Development efforts. We are an environment friendly believer and reliable manufacturer with large manufacturing and warehouse space. We invite you to come and visit our plant.

Assembly: - We continue to invest in the latest technologies in order to improve our capabilities in edging, finishing, painting and final assembly of top-quality scales for you.

Production: - We have a team of good engineers with great knowledge of scales making, including silk-screening, glass printing, plastic coloring, prototypes and various other fields. When we offer a product that is sourced from others, it's a choice made by our owners. They spend months every year, visiting manufacturing factories first-hand to evaluate quality workmanship and establish true business relationships, unlike many "brokers" of sourced products.

Delivery: - We are well aware of the nowadays’ requirements. When an order is placed with us, you can be assured that we will do our absolute best to ship the orders within your designated shipping window each and every time promptly.

A Company with Integrity: - We enjoy the challenges of growing a successful business. Our integral day-to-day commitment a work ethic and quality standard is vicariously dispersed among the factory and all personnel. Long standing, loyal workers take pride in welcoming new candidates for open positions.

Success for over many years does not come from taking short-cuts! We have an impeccable heritage of "making the customer whole", delivering exactly what the customer expected. Our customer list and references might be impressive, but we take nothing for granted. If you walk our production floor on any given day you can see careful attention to detail on all jobs, large or small. And, most of all, we’re USER FRIENDLY!




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